New Players in Online Video Market

Онлайн видео порталы

Online video projects are explosively growing worldwide. The viewers are increasingly using the Internet to access high-quality premium content. Online demand for premium content leads to the emergence of new online video projects. In this article, we will discuss two novel exciting portals launched within the last couple of months: and Amazon Instant Video. Continue reading

Displaying Ads in OpenX

Ads in OpenX

For many Internet startups, selling ad space is one of the most popular ways to monetize. Sooner or later, virtually any online business has to choose a technical solution for ad display. There are a few options to select from. You may prefer a hosted pay-as-you-go service or a service provider solution, your own in-house development or a set of ready-made scripts, free open source software or proprietary program. When selecting ad engine, people often seek multiple ad formats support, extensibility and customizability, scalability, flexible configuring of delivery algorithms, community support or paid maintenance services. Continue reading

Creating a High Load Ads Delivery System Based on OpenX

High load ads

OpenX is an open ad server to manage Web based campaigns and deliver ads to consumers. Currently, this is actually the only available open source ad solution you can install on your server and adapt to your needs. We have already presented to you a review and a small demonstration of this product earlier, see Ads delivery on Openx.

In this article, we have tried to bring together all available online information on how to gain the maximum OpenX ad server performance. Continue reading

Blog Web Analytics and Online Marketing

онлайн маркетинг

Most Internet resources are built with a certain goal in mind. Using analytics and online marketing, you can control and significantly improve attainability of these goals. In principle, you might neglect promotion strategies and customer base analysis and focus directly on creating quality content. In this case, you would also be able to achieve your goals, but it would be very difficult to tell what goals you have actually achieved, which of your efforts contributed to the goal and which diverged from the goal. Also, with this uninformed approach you can easily miss many opportunities. Finally, it’s like moving to the touch instead of using the whole arsenal of technical stuff to move in densely populated competitive landscape. If you want to make your content more efficient, this material might be useful for you. This article discusses the features furnished to you by Web analytics and online marketing. Continue reading

Cloud Computing for Your Business

At many Web entrepreneurship conferences, speakers like to say about a substantially reduced cost of entry at the market, requiring almost zero investments from the entrepreneurs. This is partly due to the popularity of cloud computing, which drastically reduces the initial launch costs. This article describes the main features offered by cloud computing and shares an insight on how to correctly use them. Continue reading

Hulu: Fascinating Facts

Although, of course, the issues of video content delivery cost and Hulu’s business organization often is a matter of discussion.
Current Hulu’s highlights:

  • Hulu develops features to increase relevancy of advertising to the user, thereby enhancing the value of interactive advertising, including choice of ads and voting for ads.
  • The user can preview the ad and then watch the whole episode without interruption.
  • Much attention is given to relevant video recommendations. Hulu recommends videos watched by people with a similar profile and also people viewing the same videos as the user.
  • Compiling a user profile based on viewing history, especially for anonymous users.
  • An option to replace irrelevant advertising with other ads. Advertisers pay much more for the involved customers.

One piece of advice from Jason Kilar. The entrepreneur must be more than a little bit crazy. Otherwise, everybody would have already done it.

Here you can see the presentation.

Watch live streaming video from gigaomtv at

TechCrunch Moscow 2010: The Bottom Line

TechCrunch safely landed in Moscow.

Recently, Russia’s first TechCrunch event was held in Moscow. TechCrunch is a seminal business venue dedicated to Web based businesses and startups. The event was held in Russia’s first private tech incubator, Digital October, located in the former Krasny Oktyabr (“Red October”) factory building. Not neglected by the Russian governmental authorities, TechCrunch was held up to the global standards. Online video broadcast of all interviews and speeches was delivered. Here I would like to dwell upon the most interesting and memorable of them.
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Hot trends in Web Multimedia

In the rapidly growing online industry, multimedia content is really skyrocketing. As content consumption grows on the Web, more content is published at a variety of online resources. Web media technologies are constantly improved to generate more content (e.g., new P2P and security tools are emerging) and to attract new publishers, previously unaware or uninterested in online presence. This article, we will address major current trends in the multimedia industry.
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Flash vs HTML5: What does it mean for your business?

It is unlikely that the ongoing debate over HTML5 vs. Flash is much concerned with technical perspectives, openness or performance. Rather, it is an issue of consumer platform control, driving the businesses of such dominant players like Apple, Adobe, Google and Microsoft. Quite similar views were expressed at Web 2.0 summit, outlining points of control on the platforms plateau.
Here I will outline my view on HTML5 vs. Flash rivalry and its impact on your business. Probably this article will help you in choosing platforms and technologies.
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