Mobile Apps UX optimisation with Google Analytics

Probably one of the most popular terms in mobile business is MVP. Numerous evangelists, advocates, consultants and mentors work with startups and help them apply the Lean Startup ethos. They push them towards building an MVP and going further with incremental updates. The main goal of this activity is to find a product market match and understand financial characteristics. To put things simply, these are preliminary steps to build a real business plan and scale the business. If you scale an unprofitable business model, then you scale losses. There are a lot of materials on this topic, but there is not so much information on how to actually do that, or how to get actionable data. This is not a problem, though. I’ll show you how to make it using Google Analytics, which is both simple and free. To make it more fun and more interesting I’ll use PhotoSuerte app as a case study. Continue reading

Video Statistics Service


It is in no way a secret that video statistics and analytics are crucial to any video portal. One of the main rationales behind video statistics is to enable settlements with copyright holders. However it covers a number of other crucial tasks, including:

  • Limit the number of parallel viewers using the same account (obviously, you do not wish all friends and relatives of one lucky customer view content under a single account? Well, let them watch it, but at least sequentially rather than in parallel :)).
  • Prevent viewing of any video to users that have got a subscription by mistake or due to some manipulation,
  • Evaluate the quality and popularity of video
  • Return to the point where watching was interrupted last time (on any device)
  • And, last but not least, enhance the user experience.

Of course, we should keep in mind that, every video portal has specific tasks that absolutely cannot do without the viewing statistics. In this post, we are going to discuss specifics of such a service. Continue reading

Omniture SiteCatalyst vs. Google Analytics

Сравнительный анализ

Many market experts, Web developers and site owners are constantly looking for optimal solutions for Web portal analytics to increase their conversions. There are many Web analysis products available in the market. They are either paid or free, focused at a particular aspect of Web analysis, offered as a service or a solution. When choosing Web analysis solutions, companies are often interested in what is available in paid analytics and what is worth the money. This is especially vital in the context of similar freeware, first of all, Google Analytics. Let’s now discuss the benefits of paid analytics compared to its freeware competition. Continue reading

Online Video Analytics

Качество доставки видео

As online video content has grown popular, most Web resources are hosting video. Hence most operators are seeking ways to optimize their data network expenditures. The users get very quickly accustomed to high quality of video delivery, and expect such quality from premium video resources. In such a situation, it is vital for video site owners to monitor user experience, track delivery issues in ISP networks and gain an insight into video consumption trends. This issue is particularly acute in countries with poor backbone links, such as Russia. In this article, we’ll give details on the available analytical tools and their applicability to your projects. Continue reading

How to Enhance Statistics in Google Analytics


For efficient decision making based on Web analytics, it is often useful to import additional information on pages, visits and users. Based on this, you can analyze specific sections of your site, content categories, special visits and users of a certain type. All this data reflects specifics of your business and your Web project. Without enhancing your analytical data with your business details, analysis would be quite general and not so effective. Making an economic analogy, basic Web analytics is just a technical tool and rich Web analytics is like insider information, although non-classified. From newsreels you probably know how effective it is. In this article, we will discuss mechanisms of sending advanced data to Google Analytics and the best applicable practices. Continue reading

Blog Web Analytics and Online Marketing

онлайн маркетинг

Most Internet resources are built with a certain goal in mind. Using analytics and online marketing, you can control and significantly improve attainability of these goals. In principle, you might neglect promotion strategies and customer base analysis and focus directly on creating quality content. In this case, you would also be able to achieve your goals, but it would be very difficult to tell what goals you have actually achieved, which of your efforts contributed to the goal and which diverged from the goal. Also, with this uninformed approach you can easily miss many opportunities. Finally, it’s like moving to the touch instead of using the whole arsenal of technical stuff to move in densely populated competitive landscape. If you want to make your content more efficient, this material might be useful for you. This article discusses the features furnished to you by Web analytics and online marketing. Continue reading

Web analytics and content marketing tool

Today, we are happy to announce the first alpha version of TiViCon, our AIR based application for Web analytics and online content marketing. We use it ourselves to promote our blog, corporate Web site and demo projects. This way we can get an insight into what information is more popular and which promotion tools are most effective. TiViCon enables the main features of Web analysis and online marketing, making them readily available in a single easy-to-use and intuitive interface. At the same time, for more complex analytical tasks, you can use traditional tools. Continue reading

Open Source ActionScript 3 Google Analytics API

We have published sources and all information about recently developed AS3 Google Analytics API. We would like to see you uncovering potential of Google Analytics in your Flash and AIR applications. It is in the early stage of development but already gives you powerful tools of access to analytics data in simple and flexible form. We will continue to develop AS3 Google Analytics API and add new features, that’s why we would like to get your feedback and feature requests. Visit project page. Continue reading

Analytics is now video, social and web

This presentation about three directions of web analytics evolution is made with
Web analytics is very old “must be” part of almost all online projects. But still often web analytics usage lacks of business understanding and stays only for technical pageview tracking. In case of wise approach web analytics could be your strong advisor in the ocean of noise. It requires some actions from you, at least to determine your goals and metrics for success in online business even if you are not in eCommerce.
Video analytics – new direction of web analytics. It started beacuse of very rapid growth of online multimedia consumption in Internet. Visitors consume more and more content, and its analysis become more and more important as multimedia begins to be the main media of visitors interaction.
Social analytics – Internet is becoming the most important marketing channel. Effective products and services promotion is impossible about wise Internet channel strategy. And good performance in Internet is impossible without Socail Media taking into account.
We will be glad to work with you about your online business optimization.

Measuring web video server quality

Video Server Segmentation

Online web video is accelerating, more and more video content published on web. More people want to know how their content is consumed, whether quality good or not. How often do visitors watch state of the art “loader” designed by talented persons during bufferization? These questions could be answered only by visitors but not artificial testing by Gomez and Keynote services. Don’t get me wrong – they are very usefull but don’t forget your visitors voices. Probably you heard that CDN could help in this, or better hosting could. But it should be measured and we will talk how.
In this article I will describe approach on measuring your video delivery infrastructure in standard Google Analytics reports. Continue reading