Visitors segmentation in Google Analytics

In this post, we will continue to discuss not so widely known but still pretty useful features of Google Analytics, and apply them to real cases. We believe that visitor segmentation might be effective for almost all Web sites. Normally, every business has more than one target group of customers. So it is very interesting to group your prospects (visitors) to get an idea how to convert them. The more groups you have, the higher is the probability to develop a successful strategy to add prospects to your customer base. Continue reading

Online video analytics in Google Analytics

In this article we will go through the exciting service which let you publish online video analytics from your Flash Player to your Google Analytics account. All you need is to put small actionscript code snippet inside your video player. It collects all statistics data and publishes them to Google when possible. Interesting thing that it works in embedded players also. In case you ever dream for TubeMogul video reports inside your Google Analytics panel then your time has come! Start using it right now – it is free, at least during beta.
Product page with actual information is here.
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