How to Use UIDynamicAnimator in iOS7 Apps

With the release of iOS 7 developers got empowered by many new tools to make fascinating effects and animations in their apps. However applicability of many of them is still in question. As soon as we made ourselves familiar with them, in our new project we decided to make a new animation, similar to that used by Apple in Messages. Continue reading

Doğan TV Holding deploys DENIVIP Video Load Balancer

Moscow, Russia – January 20, 2014 – DENIVIP Media, a leading provider of video load balancing technologies, today announced the deployment of Intelligent Video Load Balancing system for Doğan TV Holding. The tightly integrated solution, delivered by DENIVIP Media enables the leading digital entertainment service of Turkey – NETD – – to efficiently use in-house infrastructure, manage third party CDN providers and assure the best quality of content delivery to its users.

Video content delivery is the cornerstone of any Internet broadcasting service. It impacts the most important aspects of quality of user experience as well as broadcaster expenditures. The bigger the broadcaster the more important being effective in video content delivery. DENIVIP Video Load Balancer solves both issues, it lets broadcasters to deliver a particular content the most effective way to a particular viewer and the same time make it less expensive way choosing over in-house infrastructure and CDN providers.

One of the most important features of DENIVIP Video Load Balancer is the ability to route a user’s video player to the delivery point where the requested content is already cached. So called, cache aware load balancing is very important when you need to minimize the delay between play button called and the real playback begins.

Doğan Media Group experiences solid fluctuations of video load during the time and it was very important to implement a proper handling for possible significant overloads during special events or some viral demand growth. DENIVIP Video Load Balancer helps to distribute traffic not only among internal infrastructure but a set of external CDN providers, making it simple to offload usage peaks to external CDN providers.

“We were mastering intelligence of video load distribution over unstable public internet segments and broad geography for more than 5 years. I’m thrilled that our technology is serving millions of Internet video viewers in Turkey and beyond.” said Denis Bulichenko, CEO of DENIVIP Media.

“We were looking for a very sophisticated solution meeting our needs with a reasonable licensing terms. It was a pleasure to discuss best practices of video load distribution and adopt the best ones in our project.” said Ziya Ozgur, OTT Headend Manager.

About Doğan TV Holding

Doğan Yayın Holding (DYH) is active in a wide range of fields including newspaper, magazine and book publishing, television and radio broadcasting and production, as well as the Internet, digital world, print and distribution. Content providers of the Group include newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, television channels, radio stations, as well as music and production companies. The Group’s service providers are made up of distribution, production, digital platform, news agency, Internet and printing companies, as well as a factoring company. For more information, please visit

About DENIVIP Media

DENIVIP Media is the leading supplier of scalable solutions for multiscreen content delivery. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Moscow, Russia, the company pioneered the use of intelligent software load balancers to power video content delivery over IP networks. Providing unmatched solutions for leading media companies worldwide, DENIVIP Media helps pay TV operators, content programmers, film studios and sports broadcasters bring video to any screen the most effective way. To learn more, please visit or and follow @DENIVIPMedia on Twitter.

Together Video Camera – movies production on the go

Together Video

Share your story with Together

Together is an innovative storytelling platform centered around you and your social environment, both physical and digital.

Motivated by the belief that the way in which we manage our media has resulted in endless lots of scattered photos and videos, Together is a complete video camera application for iOS and Android designed to let the user organize their digital media, and create and share new content via a sophisticated, yet intuitive user interface.

Together is a standalone application allowing the user to consolidate all of their visual media. Users can import existing photos and videos, create new ones, edit their content by adding a soundtrack, and share their content, even as they shoot it.

While video content continues to be one of the most-shared forms of media online, the core purpose of video creation has been lost, and with it, so too has the ability to easily access and share moments with one another. Together was created to target what the Together team believed to be a fundamental problem with user generated mobile videos, in that existing methods failed to bridge the gap between simplicity and ease of use, and a professional, beautiful result.

Continue reading

Year summary / Reflecting on 2013

2013 is almost over now, so this is a great time to reflect on its results.

First of all, we launched Together for iPhone and for Android. It was a hard task; it took us almost 2 years to make the product! Now we are happy to polish the User eXperience and realize how useful it is for our users. They create amazing things with the product and I hope next year will bring even more creativity with the tools we made. Continue reading

How to configure Jenkins CI on Mac OS X to build Android- and iOS Phonegap/Cordova apps and deliver them to TestFlight/HockeyApp

In most cases, mobile apps development is a very exciting experience, particularly if you really enjoy what you do. As we are involved with a substantial number of external projects (mostly custom application and website development), with our native applications also rapidly growing in numbers, we took to minimize the time and effort we spend to build our releases and pre-releases. If you have multiple developers, testers, and lots of projects, the cost to build apps may become substantial. Therefore, to avoid time wastage and focus on really important service-oriented effort, we propose a guide on how to create a system to automatically build your apps. This approach we practice in our apps which we offer to your attention: Together, PhotoSuerte, Veranda. Continue reading

StartUp Survival Guide to European Tech Conferences

tech conference

If you run a startup then, odds are, you’ll want to get some publicity for your endeavor sooner or later. One of the most natural opportunities for publicity is at a tech conference.

There are, however, numerous options, so how do you decide which one is best for you? In this post, I’ll cover our experiences attending four major European tech conferences (TNW, TechCrunch, WebSummit, LeWeb). Continue reading

Node.JS & MongoDB: New Apps Prototyping Highway


If you have ever started a new mobile app project odds are that you thought about a working prototype right after preliminary mockups were ready. In the context of Lean Startup methodology with its Minimal Viable Product (MVP) concept, it would in no way sound an exageration that making a prototype even before the final design decisions are vital to your project success. Previously, we all had an excuse that making a prototype takes lots of effort. But that’s not true for most of the mobile app projects today. With a prototype you can collect valuable feedback much earlier, making much more conscious decisions in design and app dynamics.

In this post I’m going to describe the usual practice of our projects. We utilize Node.JS and MongoDB to prepare prototypes for all new apps we develop. This involves no significant back end development efforts and gives you a ready to use service in several weeks. In fact, usually you get a scalable architecture as well. So, let’s get deeper into demonstrating a real case study from PhotoSuerte app. It is a photo-messaging app for iPhone that connects users at random. So, let’s not waste your time. Read this post and make a prototype for your next big app! Continue reading

New Photo-Messaging App “PhotoSuerte” Connects Users Around the World

December 2, 2013, Moscow, Russia – in the world where photo chat is one of the most popular and exciting forms of communication, a new app gives users a glimpse into another part of the world.

DENIVIP Group, a Moscow-based app development company, has just released their latest creation, PhotoSuerte. PhotoSuerte is a photo-messaging app for iPhone that connects users at random, allowing them to experience different parts of the world through the eyes of people who live there. PhotoSuerte gives users an exclusive look at another country and share with others their passion for photography and creative expression. Continue reading

Making a Distributed Storage System

Hardly any project today can avoid storing of a large amount of media objects (video chunks, photos, music, etc).
In our projects, we often needed our storage system to be highly reliable, as loss of content often results in service interruption (I think this is true for most of the projects). Moreover, as the service capacity grows, such characteristics as performance, scalability, manageability, etc., become of key importance.

To enable content storage, you can use different distributed file systems, however each of them obviously has its own upsides and downsides. So selection of an optimum file system is in no way a trivial task. Recently, we have been solving such a task for our Together project, an innovative mobile video content platform to handle user-generated content just like Netflix handles movies. Then, we have started using the platform in other our services, such as: PhotoSuerte to store photos and Veranda to store short videos. In most of our projects, the platform has proven itself efficient. In this post, we would like to tell you how to create a distributed data storage for a video platform. Continue reading