New Photo-Messaging App “PhotoSuerte” Connects Users Around the World

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December 2, 2013, Moscow, Russia – in the world where photo chat is one of the most popular and exciting forms of communication, a new app gives users a glimpse into another part of the world.

DENIVIP Group, a Moscow-based app development company, has just released their latest creation, PhotoSuerte. PhotoSuerte is a photo-messaging app for iPhone that connects users at random, allowing them to experience different parts of the world through the eyes of people who live there. PhotoSuerte gives users an exclusive look at another country and share with others their passion for photography and creative expression.

“It is truly exciting to receive photos from real people all over the world,” says Denis Bulichenko, the founder of DENIVIP. “In just a single morning, I may see a Siberian winter, an Australian reef, or a scene from a rave in Brazil. It is like traveling with friends from another country taking a quick look into their culture. All this has been made possible through an app as simple as PhotoSuerte.”

Here are the app’s key highlights:

  • You can take a photo and send it to a random PhotoSuerte network user.
  • A photo reply is always a surprise, you can never guess where would come from: Canada, Italy, Japan or another country. It could be anything from a spectacular landscape or a football match, to a work of art or a scene from daily life.
  • If you enjoy a photo reply, you can continue your photo chat with the same user.
  • With the app’s map, you can always see where the photos were taken.
  • You can share your favorite photos with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • PhotoSuerte is free of distances or language divides: all you need is the language of photography.

Visit the iTunes Store to download the free app!

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