Year summary / Reflecting on 2013

2013 is almost over now, so this is a great time to reflect on its results.

First of all, we launched Together for iPhone and for Android. It was a hard task; it took us almost 2 years to make the product! Now we are happy to polish the User eXperience and realize how useful it is for our users. They create amazing things with the product and I hope next year will bring even more creativity with the tools we made.

Together today grows by 100 users per day and more than 5000 users in total already. It’s looking like we’re going to have a lot of work ahead of us in the coming year!

There was also an important milestone for our beloved Video Load Balancer. This is our C++ server software that automatically decides where to serve a video to a viewer from. When any user starts watching a video, our load balancer evaluates many circumstances and decides which of many CDNs or even in-house infrastructure would be better for said user. Customers of load balancer software save a lot of money on CDNs contracts, their own infrastructure and it improves the overall quality of the user experience. So, this year we started several large scale trials for our software and deployed Load Balancer in a new country. Stay tuned for a more detailed announcement.

The major change from the year 2012 is that most of our software development services are provided to Customers outside of Russia and CIS. Now we are much more international than ever before.

There was a huge surprise for us recently. One of our side projects which we take sometimes for fun came to be a real hit. PhotoSuerte app for iPhones uncovered a huge viral potential with several thousands users all over the world after 1 month and a half in the App Store. Now we have friends all over ready to help us 🙂 The most significant was the help with translation into Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and French languages.

Finally, our third B2C project Veranda also was interesting. Many users expressed their creativity in short form video clips and exchanged them with one other.

We wish you a prosperous New Year for 2014! New clients, new projects, new horizons!

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