Showing OpenX Ads in Android Applications

The mobile advertising market is constantly gaining momentum, and many Android application developers are interested in ads based content monetization. Most of them use the services of AdMob, the largest provider of mobile advertising. But AdMob is in no way the only alternative. An open and free OpenX Web advertising server can also be used to show ads in mobile applications. In this post, we will show how to do this and who may benefit from it. Continue reading

OpenX jQuery plugin for ad tags invocation


Despite the fact that OpenX has discontinued release of new versions of OpenX Community Edition open-source ad server, still this server has a wide-spread user community. This is no surprise, as it is currently the most advanced and full-featured open-source Web ads server. In this article, we will show you how to improve ad tags invocation code for this server. Continue reading

Displaying Ads in OpenX

Ads in OpenX

For many Internet startups, selling ad space is one of the most popular ways to monetize. Sooner or later, virtually any online business has to choose a technical solution for ad display. There are a few options to select from. You may prefer a hosted pay-as-you-go service or a service provider solution, your own in-house development or a set of ready-made scripts, free open source software or proprietary program. When selecting ad engine, people often seek multiple ad formats support, extensibility and customizability, scalability, flexible configuring of delivery algorithms, community support or paid maintenance services. Continue reading

Creating a High Load Ads Delivery System Based on OpenX

High load ads

OpenX is an open ad server to manage Web based campaigns and deliver ads to consumers. Currently, this is actually the only available open source ad solution you can install on your server and adapt to your needs. We have already presented to you a review and a small demonstration of this product earlier, see Ads delivery on Openx.

In this article, we have tried to bring together all available online information on how to gain the maximum OpenX ad server performance. Continue reading

Comparison of Advertising Systems for Publishers

If you are a Web site owner willing to publish ads at your site, you have a broad choice of advertising systems, and choosing the most preferable one is not so easy. On the Web, there is also lack of analytics to simplify your choice. Even ad servers are seemingly doing everything to obscure the publishers. They provide only generic information on the features, without going into much detail. Moreover, they split their products into several options, although the difference between them is all but evident and not clearly outlined. Also, product names are constantly changing, which affects Web search on them. In this article, we have tried to bring together our own experience and all publicly available information on the most popular ad servers: AdRiver, DoubleClick For Publishers (by Google), and OpenX. Continue reading