Online Video Analytics

Качество доставки видео

As online video content has grown popular, most Web resources are hosting video. Hence most operators are seeking ways to optimize their data network expenditures. The users get very quickly accustomed to high quality of video delivery, and expect such quality from premium video resources. In such a situation, it is vital for video site owners to monitor user experience, track delivery issues in ISP networks and gain an insight into video consumption trends. This issue is particularly acute in countries with poor backbone links, such as Russia. In this article, we’ll give details on the available analytical tools and their applicability to your projects. Continue reading

CS5 Evolution Russia videos

CS5 Evolution video

The official CS5Evolution Web site has just published video presentations of four Adobe evangelists who were on their visit to Moscow recently. The matter of a great pride for us is that we have developed a video player to view the presentations. The video player is based on such technologies as StrobeMediaPlayback (SMP) and OSMF. To deliver video, HTTP Dynamic Streaming is used. Also, the content has subject labels for easy navigation and two audio tracks (English and Russian). The four presentation sessions covered a variety of topics on modern development of Web and mobile content, video processing, etc. Enjoy your viewing here!

Over The Top (OTT): Pay TV services and platforms

multiple screens video

Over The Top (OTT) TV has become increasingly popular now. Many companies across the globe are offering their products and services related to OTT platforms. Generally speaking, this term is likely to have emerged within the telecommunications industry, as a way for ISPs to avoid becoming wide pipes. At the same time, traditional Internet companies have no idea that Web multimedia can be built otherwise, i.e., not over-the-top, but using a private IP network). In this article, we will discuss OTT, TV and the Internet, and how they all get along together. Continue reading

Flash Player 10.3: New Features

Flash Player 10.2

Recently, Adobe has officially released its new Adobe Flash Player 10.3. Most of its enhancements are focused primarily on mobile devices, i.e. Android based phones and tablets. Some fascinating features have also been developed for the PC market. In this article, we will discuss the innovations of Flash Player 10.3 and the capabilities yet to come. Continue reading

New Players in Online Video Market

Онлайн видео порталы

Online video projects are explosively growing worldwide. The viewers are increasingly using the Internet to access high-quality premium content. Online demand for premium content leads to the emergence of new online video projects. In this article, we will discuss two novel exciting portals launched within the last couple of months: and Amazon Instant Video. Continue reading

Scaling Flash Media Servers infrastructure

Scalable online multimedia projects often require much more than just several video delivery servers. In this article we will cover the process of creating flexible infrastructure making you able to scale up to any number of Flash Media Servers. Using standard network level hardware load balancers often is not an option for RTMP/RTMPE delivery. Network level LB could bring extra restriction on available functionality and be very expensive. That’s why it is very usefull to make dedicated software load balancer to bring extra the flexibility without big expenditures.
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Ambilight effect in Flash Video Player

Flash video players become more interesting and complex, and almost as functional as home video systems. We wrote some time ago about DVR, dynamic bitrate and other functions (how to implement them in your player – not yet available in english at the moment). Now we will talk about implementing beautiful dynamic background lights like it made in Philips TV sets.
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Online video analytics in Google Analytics

In this article we will go through the exciting service which let you publish online video analytics from your Flash Player to your Google Analytics account. All you need is to put small actionscript code snippet inside your video player. It collects all statistics data and publishes them to Google when possible. Interesting thing that it works in embedded players also. In case you ever dream for TubeMogul video reports inside your Google Analytics panel then your time has come! Start using it right now – it is free, at least during beta.
Product page with actual information is here.
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