Developing Video Player for Android

Android Video Player

One of the issues you may face when developing an application for Android is embedding of a video player into your application. A standard SDK provides two ways of solving this problem. You may use a low-level MediaPlayer class or a ready visual VideoView component in conjunction with MediaController, a standard playback control panel. Both approaches have their downsides, so we decided to develop our own video component, AVideo. In this post, we will discuss how you can use this component in your application and what are its benefits. Continue reading

Over The Top (OTT): Pay TV services and platforms

multiple screens video

Over The Top (OTT) TV has become increasingly popular now. Many companies across the globe are offering their products and services related to OTT platforms. Generally speaking, this term is likely to have emerged within the telecommunications industry, as a way for ISPs to avoid becoming wide pipes. At the same time, traditional Internet companies have no idea that Web multimedia can be built otherwise, i.e., not over-the-top, but using a private IP network). In this article, we will discuss OTT, TV and the Internet, and how they all get along together. Continue reading

HTTP Dynamic Streaming: building a cluster

HTTP Dynamic Streaming

In our previous articles, we have examined in detail the mechanisms of caching HTTP Dynamic Streaming content using NGINX Web server. However with large-scale projects, such approach alone is often insufficient. In this article, we will discuss building the high-performance HTTP Dynamic Streaming Content Delivery Systems. Continue reading