Flash Media Server: Live Streaming And ffmpeg

live video
Flash Media Server provides excellent functionality to create online video services. One of the most popular video services on the Web is live video. As video origin, Flash Media Live Encoder is often used. This is an excellent freeware encoder, although it has some limitations. In this post, we will discuss how to enable live streaming with Flash Platform products and how to overcome FMLE limitations of 3 bitrates per multi-stream. Continue reading

How to Choose Flash Media Server

Flash Media Server is Adobe’s cutting-edge video streaming product, featuring advanced functionality, flexibility and reliability. Its latest version 4 has a variety of new capabilities to enable even more innovative projects. This involves support of RTMFP for P2P communication between the clients. For details of this technology, please follow our next publication. Continue reading

Adobe DRM for Web Video

The growing popularity of online video content is a powerful catalyst for Web multimedia portal development. Every day, more and more videos are published and viewed on the Web. As video content production costs are usually much higher than the cost of Web publishing, there is a reasonable desire to protect the valuable assets. Often, if you are going to distribute premium video content on your site, protection requirements are often put forward by the copyright holders. In this article, we will discuss the available content protection tools, giving more detail to Adobe Flash Access 2.0. Also, we’ll familiarize you with the basics of DRM in your projects and share our hands-on experience in implementing DRM based on Adobe Flash Access 2.0. Continue reading

Scaling Flash Media Servers infrastructure

Scalable online multimedia projects often require much more than just several video delivery servers. In this article we will cover the process of creating flexible infrastructure making you able to scale up to any number of Flash Media Servers. Using standard network level hardware load balancers often is not an option for RTMP/RTMPE delivery. Network level LB could bring extra restriction on available functionality and be very expensive. That’s why it is very usefull to make dedicated software load balancer to bring extra the flexibility without big expenditures.
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