Implementing Audio Tracks in Flash

flash video audio tracks

In our era of ubiquitous globalization and internationalization, most of Web projects are launched in multiple languages. This especially applies to online video projects. Videos with alternate audio tracks and subtitles often attract viewers by the very fact of their existence. Most of popular content is created outside Russia, so there is abundance of content with original audio tracks and subtitles. Such content allows you to enjoy video in the original quality and detail, and learn foreign languages. In this post, we will tell you how to implement this functionality in Flash video player using OSMF 1.6. Continue reading

Flash Video Player Development

Дизайн видео плееров

More and more Web resources need to publish video, and sometimes even the whole Web project is built around a video player. Video player development often starts with a concept and design in mind. The technical part of the issue is largely covered by a multitude of multimedia frameworks (primarily OSMF) and video player skinning options. In this post, we would like to show you some well-known examples of video players. We hope they will inspire you to give rise to your own video player concept and design. Continue reading

Online Video Analytics

Качество доставки видео

As online video content has grown popular, most Web resources are hosting video. Hence most operators are seeking ways to optimize their data network expenditures. The users get very quickly accustomed to high quality of video delivery, and expect such quality from premium video resources. In such a situation, it is vital for video site owners to monitor user experience, track delivery issues in ISP networks and gain an insight into video consumption trends. This issue is particularly acute in countries with poor backbone links, such as Russia. In this article, we’ll give details on the available analytical tools and their applicability to your projects. Continue reading

Android Video Application Development

Android Video приложения

As the popularity of Android devices grows, many Web projects have to delve into development of custom applications for the lucky owners of Android devices (smart phones and tablets). In the U.S. smartphone market, Android is already ahead of iOS. Still, with tablets Android is not so popular, and iPad leads by a wide margin. On the other hand, almost any Internet resource has a library of video content to be accessed by multi-device users. In this post, we would like to make an overview of developing applications for video content playback and various approaches to video player implementation. Then we will discuss pros and cons of the technologies involved. Continue reading

Flash Media Server and Its Alternatives

Flash Media Server

As multimedia content becomes globally popular, many online resources are seeking to enhance their pages with embedded video. Most of the Internet traffic is now generated by video content. This is a driver behind Adobe’s successful market indicators, as some of its products (primarily Flash Media Server and Flash Player) are focused at high-quality video publishing on the Web. If your Web resource has no video yet, you should at least consider its effect on the popularity of your site. There are many ways to publish video content. In this context, setting aside third-party hosting, you’d have to face the choice of a media server. It delivers video content from your server to the client application. In this article, we’ll discuss the most popular media servers and their use. Continue reading

Flash Player 10.2: New Features

Flash Player 10.2

Recently, Adobe officially released Adobe Flash Player 10.2. The new version introduces many useful features, but probably the most important of them is a new level of hardware acceleration of video playback. Flash performance has long been the object of accusations from the adherents of other even less productive platforms (sometimes, it has become even the object of political or holy wars). Optimization of video playback can drastically reduce requirements for user equipment and significantly expand the audience enjoying enhanced experience at higher bitrates. In the article, we will discuss the new capabilities in more detail. Continue reading

Adobe DRM for Web Video

The growing popularity of online video content is a powerful catalyst for Web multimedia portal development. Every day, more and more videos are published and viewed on the Web. As video content production costs are usually much higher than the cost of Web publishing, there is a reasonable desire to protect the valuable assets. Often, if you are going to distribute premium video content on your site, protection requirements are often put forward by the copyright holders. In this article, we will discuss the available content protection tools, giving more detail to Adobe Flash Access 2.0. Also, we’ll familiarize you with the basics of DRM in your projects and share our hands-on experience in implementing DRM based on Adobe Flash Access 2.0. Continue reading