Comparison of Advertising Systems for Publishers

If you are a Web site owner willing to publish ads at your site, you have a broad choice of advertising systems, and choosing the most preferable one is not so easy. On the Web, there is also lack of analytics to simplify your choice. Even ad servers are seemingly doing everything to obscure the publishers. They provide only generic information on the features, without going into much detail. Moreover, they split their products into several options, although the difference between them is all but evident and not clearly outlined. Also, product names are constantly changing, which affects Web search on them. In this article, we have tried to bring together our own experience and all publicly available information on the most popular ad servers: AdRiver, DoubleClick For Publishers (by Google), and OpenX. Continue reading

Flash vs HTML5: What does it mean for your business?

It is unlikely that the ongoing debate over HTML5 vs. Flash is much concerned with technical perspectives, openness or performance. Rather, it is an issue of consumer platform control, driving the businesses of such dominant players like Apple, Adobe, Google and Microsoft. Quite similar views were expressed at Web 2.0 summit, outlining points of control on the platforms plateau.
Here I will outline my view on HTML5 vs. Flash rivalry and its impact on your business. Probably this article will help you in choosing platforms and technologies.
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