HTML5 <video> Analytics

If you offer online video services, no doubt you have not once thought of video views analytics. In a Flash-based OSMF framework, there is GTrackPlugin to collect statistics on content viewing. Also, you can also use our OSMF Video Analytics.

However, if your service HTML5 based, you need a purpose designed viewing analytics. To build such a plugin, HTML5 Media API should be used. For more on this API, read this post on HTML5 player implementation. Continue reading

Web analytics and content marketing tool

Today, we are happy to announce the first alpha version of TiViCon, our AIR based application for Web analytics and online content marketing. We use it ourselves to promote our blog, corporate Web site and demo projects. This way we can get an insight into what information is more popular and which promotion tools are most effective. TiViCon enables the main features of Web analysis and online marketing, making them readily available in a single easy-to-use and intuitive interface. At the same time, for more complex analytical tasks, you can use traditional tools. Continue reading

Analytics is now video, social and web

This presentation about three directions of web analytics evolution is made with
Web analytics is very old “must be” part of almost all online projects. But still often web analytics usage lacks of business understanding and stays only for technical pageview tracking. In case of wise approach web analytics could be your strong advisor in the ocean of noise. It requires some actions from you, at least to determine your goals and metrics for success in online business even if you are not in eCommerce.
Video analytics – new direction of web analytics. It started beacuse of very rapid growth of online multimedia consumption in Internet. Visitors consume more and more content, and its analysis become more and more important as multimedia begins to be the main media of visitors interaction.
Social analytics – Internet is becoming the most important marketing channel. Effective products and services promotion is impossible about wise Internet channel strategy. And good performance in Internet is impossible without Socail Media taking into account.
We will be glad to work with you about your online business optimization.

Online video analytics in Google Analytics

In this article we will go through the exciting service which let you publish online video analytics from your Flash Player to your Google Analytics account. All you need is to put small actionscript code snippet inside your video player. It collects all statistics data and publishes them to Google when possible. Interesting thing that it works in embedded players also. In case you ever dream for TubeMogul video reports inside your Google Analytics panel then your time has come! Start using it right now – it is free, at least during beta.
Product page with actual information is here.
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