iOS Player with VAST Video Ad Support


Ads based monetization has been widely adopted by the developers of free-of-charge iOS applications. To support banner ads in such applications, Apple offers a ready solution. However if your application is built around a video player, you may prefer inline ads shown in video pauses. As far as we know, no widely used free solution yet exists for this. In this post, we’ll tell you how you can easily add video ads to your app. For this purpose, you’ll have to add our free iOS VAST Player library to the OpenX ad server. Continue reading

8 Hot Online Advertising Trends

Today’s online advertising market has been mostly developed. It consolidates many players and operates large money flows. It generates most of the profits of many Internet companies including largest ones like Google and Yahoo. But its growth potential is still very big because of currently happening shift of audiences from legacy media to the net that we are seeing now. And advertisers follow their audience. Online advertising technologies are constantly moving also. All these things that changed the way we interact with the web recently, social networks, smartphones, online video, impact Internet advertising too. New more effective ways to deliver marketing message appear and force out of the market old methods and their followers. In this article we will try to go deeper into these trends.

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