How to Enhance Statistics in Google Analytics


For efficient decision making based on Web analytics, it is often useful to import additional information on pages, visits and users. Based on this, you can analyze specific sections of your site, content categories, special visits and users of a certain type. All this data reflects specifics of your business and your Web project. Without enhancing your analytical data with your business details, analysis would be quite general and not so effective. Making an economic analogy, basic Web analytics is just a technical tool and rich Web analytics is like insider information, although non-classified. From newsreels you probably know how effective it is. In this article, we will discuss mechanisms of sending advanced data to Google Analytics and the best applicable practices. Continue reading

Blog Web Analytics and Online Marketing

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Most Internet resources are built with a certain goal in mind. Using analytics and online marketing, you can control and significantly improve attainability of these goals. In principle, you might neglect promotion strategies and customer base analysis and focus directly on creating quality content. In this case, you would also be able to achieve your goals, but it would be very difficult to tell what goals you have actually achieved, which of your efforts contributed to the goal and which diverged from the goal. Also, with this uninformed approach you can easily miss many opportunities. Finally, it’s like moving to the touch instead of using the whole arsenal of technical stuff to move in densely populated competitive landscape. If you want to make your content more efficient, this material might be useful for you. This article discusses the features furnished to you by Web analytics and online marketing. Continue reading

Web analytics and content marketing tool

Today, we are happy to announce the first alpha version of TiViCon, our AIR based application for Web analytics and online content marketing. We use it ourselves to promote our blog, corporate Web site and demo projects. This way we can get an insight into what information is more popular and which promotion tools are most effective. TiViCon enables the main features of Web analysis and online marketing, making them readily available in a single easy-to-use and intuitive interface. At the same time, for more complex analytical tasks, you can use traditional tools. Continue reading

Visitors segmentation in Google Analytics

In this post, we will continue to discuss not so widely known but still pretty useful features of Google Analytics, and apply them to real cases. We believe that visitor segmentation might be effective for almost all Web sites. Normally, every business has more than one target group of customers. So it is very interesting to group your prospects (visitors) to get an idea how to convert them. The more groups you have, the higher is the probability to develop a successful strategy to add prospects to your customer base. Continue reading