Overviewing Best Practices in iOS Application Development

It is usually said, that the most important driver behind Apple’s mobile devices popularity is its maximum attention to detail. Small, seemingly insignificant details make up product’s appeal for the end user. But to develop a good application, it is not sufficient to give heed to detail at the user interface level. You need to be aware of and comply with the best practices at all stages of development, from design to support. This paper gives an overview of such best practices presented both by Apple and by independent iOS developers. Continue reading

Handling Camera in iOS Applications

In the latest iOS based devices, camera is a major driver of popularity of these devices. The capability to capture video and encode it to H.264 High Definition on the hardware level that emerged in iPhone 4, has been accepted enthusiastically by both users and developers of new applications. Continuing our series dedicated to AV Foundation and the related frameworks, in this post we will discuss how to capture a stream from the camera and how to process, save and distribute it. Continue reading

Showing OpenX Ads in Android Applications

The mobile advertising market is constantly gaining momentum, and many Android application developers are interested in ads based content monetization. Most of them use the services of AdMob, the largest provider of mobile advertising. But AdMob is in no way the only alternative. An open and free OpenX Web advertising server can also be used to show ads in mobile applications. In this post, we will show how to do this and who may benefit from it. Continue reading

Android Video Application Development

Android Video приложения

As the popularity of Android devices grows, many Web projects have to delve into development of custom applications for the lucky owners of Android devices (smart phones and tablets). In the U.S. smartphone market, Android is already ahead of iOS. Still, with tablets Android is not so popular, and iPad leads by a wide margin. On the other hand, almost any Internet resource has a library of video content to be accessed by multi-device users. In this post, we would like to make an overview of developing applications for video content playback and various approaches to video player implementation. Then we will discuss pros and cons of the technologies involved. Continue reading