Video Platform Development in DENIVIP Media

developers of video apps

DENIVIP Media has been creating video platforms since 2008 (usually in conjunction with services, portals and applications). Over the 4 years of developing ad-hoc video platforms for different projects, we have accumulated a decent expertise and information on many hindrances that are almost inevitable in video projects. In this post, I would like to brief you on how we design video platforms and what drivers have to be taken into account when creating a new or upgrading an old video platform. Also, I would like to note major forthcoming trends in the development of video platforms foreeable for the near future. Continue reading

iOS Player with VAST Video Ad Support


Ads based monetization has been widely adopted by the developers of free-of-charge iOS applications. To support banner ads in such applications, Apple offers a ready solution. However if your application is built around a video player, you may prefer inline ads shown in video pauses. As far as we know, no widely used free solution yet exists for this. In this post, we’ll tell you how you can easily add video ads to your app. For this purpose, you’ll have to add our free iOS VAST Player library to the OpenX ad server. Continue reading