Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5

flash media server

Version-to-version, fans of any software product expect innovations or even dramatic improvements from their favorite package. No doubt this applies to content delivery servers. Well, what users expect from a streaming server today? They want it “to be quick, safe, easy and stream to all devices at once”. In fact, those were the criteria used by Adobe in developing the new version of Flash Media Server 4.5. In this post, we’ll review the main innovations and improvements of the new media server announced a few hours before. You can read the press release here. Continue reading

Flash Access: Live Video Protection

live stream

As live streaming is gaining popularity, the necessity to protect the content from illegal copying and unauthorized use is also growing. In this post, we will describe how you can implement content protection based on Adobe Flash Media Server and Adobe Flash Access to further optimize your live streaming. Continue reading

Flash Media Server: Live Streaming And ffmpeg

live video
Flash Media Server provides excellent functionality to create online video services. One of the most popular video services on the Web is live video. As video origin, Flash Media Live Encoder is often used. This is an excellent freeware encoder, although it has some limitations. In this post, we will discuss how to enable live streaming with Flash Platform products and how to overcome FMLE limitations of 3 bitrates per multi-stream. Continue reading