+ Adobe + DENIVIP Media = Success Story

Recently Adobe published Success Story on using wide range of Adobe technologies and products in project. Technologies and products mentioned: Flash Media Server, Flash Access, Flash Player, AIR, HTTP Dynamic Streaming and many others. Success Story is available here here.

Flash Access: Live Video Protection

live stream

As live streaming is gaining popularity, the necessity to protect the content from illegal copying and unauthorized use is also growing. In this post, we will describe how you can implement content protection based on Adobe Flash Media Server and Adobe Flash Access to further optimize your live streaming. Continue reading

HTTP Dynamic Streaming: building a cluster

HTTP Dynamic Streaming

In our previous articles, we have examined in detail the mechanisms of caching HTTP Dynamic Streaming content using NGINX Web server. However with large-scale projects, such approach alone is often insufficient. In this article, we will discuss building the high-performance HTTP Dynamic Streaming Content Delivery Systems. Continue reading