Adobe Flash Strategy for Mobile Devices


Adobe’s recent announcement of a new Flash platform strategy for mobile devices have created quite a stir in the industry. The reason for this is the communications gap and misunderstanding which has been primarily caused by Adobe itself. Subsequent Adobe’s explanations have dispelled many fears and exaggerations perpetrated by tabloids. In this post, we’ll look at future developments and their impact on the online video projects. Continue reading

Omniture SiteCatalyst vs. Google Analytics

Сравнительный анализ

Many market experts, Web developers and site owners are constantly looking for optimal solutions for Web portal analytics to increase their conversions. There are many Web analysis products available in the market. They are either paid or free, focused at a particular aspect of Web analysis, offered as a service or a solution. When choosing Web analysis solutions, companies are often interested in what is available in paid analytics and what is worth the money. This is especially vital in the context of similar freeware, first of all, Google Analytics. Let’s now discuss the benefits of paid analytics compared to its freeware competition. Continue reading

Adobe Flash Media Server and Wowza

Adobe lawsuit to Wowza

Some time ago we wrote of choosing a media server to deliver video content. We discussed alternatives to Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS). One such alternative is the Wowza Media Server (WMS), which offers additional features compared to Adobe FMS, although it is inferior to Adobe in stability and load handling performance. Wowza’s methods of implementation and promotion raised claims on Adobe part, and they filed a lawsuit against Wowza. In this article, we will discuss the subject of claims and the possible consequences for the Wowza Media Server users. Continue reading

CS5 Evolution Russia videos

CS5 Evolution video

The official CS5Evolution Web site has just published video presentations of four Adobe evangelists who were on their visit to Moscow recently. The matter of a great pride for us is that we have developed a video player to view the presentations. The video player is based on such technologies as StrobeMediaPlayback (SMP) and OSMF. To deliver video, HTTP Dynamic Streaming is used. Also, the content has subject labels for easy navigation and two audio tracks (English and Russian). The four presentation sessions covered a variety of topics on modern development of Web and mobile content, video processing, etc. Enjoy your viewing here!