Bootstrapping: Our Real Life Case Study


We have to deal with funding in every project, sooner or later. Generally speaking, the question is, whether to create a company with your own capital or money borrowed from venture capitalists, business angels or through equity crowdfunding. You can find lots of information on how to approach investors, on the Web. Commonly, investors are very public people highly involved with social media. We have just recently got into attracting investors, so we are just in the middle of the learning curve. But as soon as we have accumulated enough data, surely we will share it. However, what we can share right now, is our solid long-term experience with bootstrapping our business. You have to face funding issues long before you ever contact with a potential investor. To approach investors you have to make something tangible first. A popular idea today is that the “early stage” means the point of profitability in the project. To get to this stage, often you have to start with your own money. But what to do when your money is limited? Well, the answer is in bootstrapping! Continue reading

Adobe Media Server 5 and Adobe Access 4

iOS DRM with Adobe Access

We are happy to report that, a new release has been published of the two main Adobe products that you need to build a professional Over The Top (OTT) service. Adobe Media Server Professional 5 is a media server required for pre-processing and delivery of content to a broad range of devices. Adobe Access 4 is a content protection server, now enhanced with support for iOS devices. This way, Adobe has solved the issues of cross-platform delivery of premium content to most of today’s popular devices. In the next posts, we will provide guidelines on migrating and configuring of new releases. But for now, let’s look at some of the technical features of the new products. Continue reading

Wowza 3: Battle of Media Servers

wowza vs fms

Media server is a dedicated server to deliver audio / video content to users. Explosive growth of online video views has led to a substantial growth of the media server market and sharpening of competitive conditions (Adobe sued Wowza). Adobe Flash Media Server and Wowza Media Server are the main players on this market. Both products are actively developing. Their already impressive feature set is continuously enhanced with new fascinating functionalities. Earlier this year, Wowza announced its new release, Wowza Media Server 3. Wowza and Adobe are moving in the direction of cross-platform video content availability to all user screens. In this post, we’ll share our hands-on experience in testing Wowza 3 and give you an idea of its major functional innovations. Continue reading