Flash Player 11.4 and AIR 3.4 Now Released!

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Recently, Adobe announced its new releases of the Flash Player and AIR products, offering a number of new fascinating features:

  • More video cards supported by Stage3D
  • Concurrency (ActionScript Workers)
  • Support of iOS Push Notifications in AIR
  • Direct publishing of AIR apps to iOS
  • Support for iOS 5.1 SDK
  • Carbon APIs no longer supported by AIR
  • Compressed textures with an ATF alpha channel
  • Ambient AudioPlaybackMode
  • StageVideo.attachCamera
  • Camera.copyToByteArray/Camera.copyToVector
  • LZMA support for ByteArray

Below you can find out some details of the new features.

ActionScript Workers Now, finally, concurrency has been supported by Adobe. In this implementation, Workers are going to be mostly used to enable complex background calculations. However, Shared Memory features have not been included into this release. Also, we are looking forward to seeing this functionality in Flash Builder 4.7.

Stage3D supporting more video cards (Intel GMA) A new Stage3D "constrained" parameter provides support for previously unavailable Intel GMA chipset based video cards.

LZMA support for ByteArray ByteArray based data compression is enabled by the ByteArray.compress() and ByteArray().uncompress methods.

StageVideo.attachCamera It is now possible to send a video stream from a Web camera to a Stage3D surface.

Direct publishing of AIR to iOS Hurray! Now you can upload your AIR applications to iOS without iTunes or XCode. However, still you’ll have to install iTunes on your machine. The launch and debug process has become much easier.

Compressed textures with an ATF alpha channel

  • With ATF textures support, you can use these textures in Starling (Stage3D), adding substantial performance to your applications.
  • ATF related tools are soon to be announced by the Adobe Labs.

Support of Exception in Native Extensions for iOS You can now develop Native Extensions for iOS in both C++ and Objective-C. This way, you can catch errors occurring in the native code.

Expecting… Flash Builder 4.7 is just about to emerge with the following new features:

  • Support of Apache Flex 4.8
  • Support of Flash Player 11.4
  • Support of AIR 3.4
  • USB debugging
  • iOS simulator and deploy applications

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