Flash Media Server: URLs tokenization

This post continues a series of in-depth overviews on the development of Flash Media Server C + + plugins implementing a custom logic to handle user content delivery requests. Here we will discuss the RTMP URL based content tokenization. It uses an authorization plugin enabling content delivery with dynamically rather than statically generated links. This authorization plugin is often requested by video content copyright holders. Continue reading

Scaling Flash Media Servers infrastructure

Scalable online multimedia projects often require much more than just several video delivery servers. In this article we will cover the process of creating flexible infrastructure making you able to scale up to any number of Flash Media Servers. Using standard network level hardware load balancers often is not an option for RTMP/RTMPE delivery. Network level LB could bring extra restriction on available functionality and be very expensive. That’s why it is very usefull to make dedicated software load balancer to bring extra the flexibility without big expenditures.
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