Online Video Services and DRM Technology


Over the last few years, the multimedia technology has been growing exponentially. Twenty years ago, the analog over-the-air broadcast was the top experience available. Now, online video services make an increasing impact on the TV industry. You will find useful DRM technologies overview in this article (I hope). It was published in the latest issue of Russian magazine Telesputnik. Continue reading + Adobe + DENIVIP Media = Success Story

Recently Adobe published Success Story on using wide range of Adobe technologies and products in project. Technologies and products mentioned: Flash Media Server, Flash Access, Flash Player, AIR, HTTP Dynamic Streaming and many others. Success Story is available here here.

Flash Access 3: DRM in Android Devices

android video drm

The popularity of mobile devices is pushing most of online video projects to adapt their services to mobile applications (e.g., tablets or smart phones). In the context of many online video services needing video content protection (for example, to offer content libraries from the major Western movie studios), implementing of DRM features in a mobile video player is becoming a critical task. As always, you have a set of solutions and platforms to choose from. Recently, we wrote of DRM features in iOS. Now, it’s high time to talk about Android DRM. Continue reading

Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5

flash media server

Version-to-version, fans of any software product expect innovations or even dramatic improvements from their favorite package. No doubt this applies to content delivery servers. Well, what users expect from a streaming server today? They want it “to be quick, safe, easy and stream to all devices at once”. In fact, those were the criteria used by Adobe in developing the new version of Flash Media Server 4.5. In this post, we’ll review the main innovations and improvements of the new media server announced a few hours before. You can read the press release here. Continue reading

Flash Access: Live Video Protection

live stream

As live streaming is gaining popularity, the necessity to protect the content from illegal copying and unauthorized use is also growing. In this post, we will describe how you can implement content protection based on Adobe Flash Media Server and Adobe Flash Access to further optimize your live streaming. Continue reading

Adobe DRM for Web Video

The growing popularity of online video content is a powerful catalyst for Web multimedia portal development. Every day, more and more videos are published and viewed on the Web. As video content production costs are usually much higher than the cost of Web publishing, there is a reasonable desire to protect the valuable assets. Often, if you are going to distribute premium video content on your site, protection requirements are often put forward by the copyright holders. In this article, we will discuss the available content protection tools, giving more detail to Adobe Flash Access 2.0. Also, we’ll familiarize you with the basics of DRM in your projects and share our hands-on experience in implementing DRM based on Adobe Flash Access 2.0. Continue reading